Why Fulcrum?

Fulcrum was designed to save you time and money so that you can grow your cannabis business faster and make it more profitable.

We started Fulcrum Trading Co. to solve our own problems, like avoiding being overcharged for everyday supplies, simply because we are licensed cannabis professionals. Others took notice and it wasn't long before they starting asking us to solve their problems, too.

Fulcrum was founded on the belief that cannabis pros, even competitors, can benefit from a collaborative approach to conducting business. Everyone who works with us gets the benefits and value of a trade organization designed to increase profitability and reduce costs.

We do this by using collective purchasing power, and by solving recurring problems that we all face in ways that save time, effort, and money. We work to drive down the cost of the non-cannabis supplies and services that we all need to operate, while insisting on both superior quality and low environmental impact.

Packaging is a good example. Joint tubes, for instance - a generic commodity that is often in short supply. And, if you actually find them, they are usually overpriced, even for large orders. Consistently sourcing tubes is a chore that feels like a time-wasting game of whack-a-mole. When you do make a purchase, product quality ranges from decent, to simply unusable. Forget about getting the color that you want, or something custom made for you, at an affordable price and with unfailing availability.

Are you tired of being gouged for packaging of questionable quality, simply because you're in the cannabis trade? Wouldn't you rather source superior and reliable materials that are priced fairly and have them arrive as promised, in the colors you want and when you want them? Wouldn't eliminating this frustration and waste of time be terrific, letting you focus on other things that help your business grow faster?

We thought so, too. Enter Fulcrum Trading Co.